WordPress Beginners FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few questions that I hear regularly from new WordPress site creators. There are many answers to some of these questions, and I’ve listed methods that generally work for me. This tutorial was created using the default WordPress theme, Twenty Fourteen.  Other themes often provide different functionality, and some of the steps below may not work with all themes.

The Questions:

How do I turn off comments?

Both Pages and Posts allow site visitors to comment on them by default, but sometimes you don’t want to give people the option to comment on your comment. There are two easy ways to turn off this functionality.

1. Enable the Discussion options from Screen Options.

Disable Comments
Screenshots are for Pages, but the same steps apply on the Edit Post page.

2. Use Bulk Edit to disable comments on multiple posts or pages at once.

Bulk Disable comments
Screenshots are for Pages, but the same steps apply on the Posts listing page.

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How can I change my homepage to not be the list of posts?

Visit the Reading settings by choosing Settings->Reading from the Dashboard menu.  From there, modify the “Front page displays” options as needed.

Choose Homepage

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How can I rearrange my navigation menu?

Many themes give you the option of a custom menu.  Access these options through the Appearance->Menus link in your Dashboard menu. From here you can create a new menu, add pages to it, rearrange those pages and choose where you want the custom menu to appear.


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What are some great plugins?

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What’s the difference between pages and posts?

Posts are typically used for regularly updated content, such as news and blog posts. They are listed in reverse chronological order on the posts page and can be organized using tags and categories. You can choose featured (also called “sticky” posts) to display at the top of your posts page.

Pages are more appropriate for static content that does not change or get updated regularly. Typically these are used for “About” and “Contact” type pages.

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What are some great online resources where I can get more help?

WordPress Codex – The official WordPress documentation is comprehensive and very well written.

Skillcrush.com’s WordPress for Fun & Profit (Part 1, Part 2) – Excellent articles for getting started with more advanced WordPress techniques.

Google.com (or your search engine of choice) – If you get stuck, try googling for the answer. Many online resources exist for WordPress sites and their creators.

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